Blog: Chelsea Will Had to Fight Hard To Reach The Final Of The Champions League In The Second Leg Match Against Real Madrid- Thomas Tuchel

Chelsea Will Had to Fight Hard To Reach The Final Of The Champions League In The Second Leg Match Against Real Madrid- Thomas Tuchel
  • 28 Apr, 2021
  • by Samy Rogies

Chelsea Will Had to Fight Hard To Reach The Final Of The Champions League In The Second Leg Match Against Real Madrid- Thomas Tuchel


In the second leg semifinal that will be played next week against Real Madrid, Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel said that his players will really have to fight hard to overcome Real Madrid, which is a difficult hurdle. Despite Chelsea playing a 1-1 draw against Real Madrid, the match is not yet over untill the second leg 90 minutes has been played in Stamford Bridge. 

However, Chelsea played a potential vital 1-1 draw in Madrid in the first leg semifinal of UEFA Champions League as they got an important away goal which will go in their favor in the second leg.

It has really been long Chelsea laid their hands on UEFA Champions League trophy after winning it in 2012 defeating Bayern Munich in the finals. If they are to win the UEFA Champions League again Thomas Tuchel quite know that there is to much work to be done by the Technical crew and the players.

Tuchel said that assuming they won in Madrid it would have been better for them, but for now everything is still possible as all teams Chelsea and Real Madrid have 50-50 chance of reaching the final. 

Chelsea just played the first leg and it is still remaining the second leg left to be played. Tuchel said that for them to achieve anything in the second leg, Chelsea have work hard in every part of the field and as well take advantage of every opportunity or chance presented to them.

It is on record that in five times in UEFA Champions League Thomas Tuchel has met Real Madrid, he has actually won all of them. This shows that Tuchel is the only manager to beat Real Madrid in the Champions League. 

Chelsea got the opening goal of the match through Christian Pulisic before Karim Benzema scored a wonderful volley that equalised for Real Madrid. The first half was very thrilling and quite entertaining as both teams had their fair chances to score. The match was played under a heavy downpour.

When the second leg started, the game was not quit interesting and exciting as it was in the first half. Thomas Tuchel felt that Chelsea would have the opportunity presented to them in the first half since they were more superior in the first half. 

Tuchel said that Chelsea would have won the match in the first half and eventually won the match. 

Chelsea played a very good and nice football and were strong with their play in the first half. Had they taken their chances the game would have been decided in the half.

In the first half of the match, Thibaut Courtois saved Timo Werner's shot from four yards which was a glorious chance that was presented to Werner before Christian Pulisic scored the opening goal for Chelsea in the night.

Timo Werner has so far this season scored 11 goals in all competitions for Chelsea. Despite his misses, it was Werner that scored the winning goal for Chelsea aganist West Ham in the English Premier League but he still missed a seater in that match as well.

Thomas Tuchel did not see anything to be bothered at all for Timo Werner's missing chances that was given to him.

After his shot was saved by Thibaut Courtois in four yards, Werner was very angry with himself considering his countenance after that incidence. 

Zinedine Zidane who is Real Madrid coach said after the match that they really need to work hard in order to keep their hope alive of winning their 14th UEFA Champions League. Real Madrid have won the UEFA Champions League 13 times and they are the highest club that have won the UEFA Champions League trophy and they are hoping to add to it.

Real Madrid will now play against Chelsea in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League semifinal on Wednesday May 5 by 8:00pm.

Zinedine Zidane said that Real Madrid still have hope of reaching the final if they win the second leg because as the saying goes "when ther is life, there is hope". Zidane and his Real Madrid players were happy with their performance in general.

Zizzou knows quite well that Chelsea being in the semifinal is not a fluke because Chelsea are good when they are in the oppositions half, Chelsea are a very competitive football club and they do not actually concede many goals. The second leg to be played in the Stamford Bridge will not be easy at all for Real Madrid.