Blog: GAMIFICATION — CBT For Learning

  • 23 Feb, 2022
  • by payMe


It is in humans’ nature to interact and socialize with their fellow thinking beings, unfortunately, there is demarcation or rankings (social class) in every society because of economic status or other external factors which have become an impediment to the proper development of true self-worth of each individual.

Basically, low self-esteem is one of the products of this unhealthy classification of people, and this is often witnessed in in-person classrooms. But with decentralized gamification, especially when it is used to achieve an education objective, each participant is unconstrained to exhibit his true self-worth indiscriminately without minding the social status of other members of the community.

Hence, payMe is invented to be that revolutionary platform needed to help community members to interact without considering which status a member fits and for each person to exhibit his true self-worth through a fair and just test of knowledge gaming.

We invite You to Join Our Community Today and Contribute to Empowering Education and Helping People Suffering from Gambling Addiction. Not becoming a member today is already a disserve to society and yourself, so why wait longer?

To participate, signup as a Quizzer, then register on the ICO page using this link: