Blog: PLAY-TO-EARN (P2E) COMPATIBILITY WITH BLOCKCHAIN – Broadening Your Intellectual Horizon

PLAY-TO-EARN (P2E) COMPATIBILITY WITH BLOCKCHAIN – Broadening Your Intellectual Horizon
  • 26 Aug, 2022
  • by payMe

PLAY-TO-EARN (P2E) COMPATIBILITY WITH BLOCKCHAIN – Broadening Your Intellectual Horizon

Recently, many bloggers have written articles extolling play and earn, but condemning play-to-earn. Most of these articles compared P2E to Ponzi while projecting P&E as blockchain compliant. It is not bad when someone debates with evidential points but, exhibiting our myopic intellect could be self-abasement. Understandably, most bloggers are freelancers on paid service, however, when every blogger should understand that whatever is penned and published on social media defines not just the brand, we are projecting but exposes our knowledgeability. Thus, a writer could look ignominious when he bloats his ignoramus on a topic, he has done less research on.

Play-to-earn has emanated as one of those topics that have been exposing the major problem payMe Gaming Platform is designed to solve – a conceited mindset.

People arrogantly believe they are smart with the shallow knowledge they are restricted to, and this results in having an exaggerated sense of self-importance. This feeling is strongly dangerous to one’s intellectual development because it is psychologically mesmerizing. Thus, to help those caught up in this conceited knowledge of P2E and the blockchain ecosystem, I decided to expound on the basic functionality of P2E with the core objective of blockchain invention.

According to Investopedia, “the goal of blockchain is to allow digital information to be recorded and distributed, but not edited. In this way, a blockchain is the foundation for immutable ledgers, or records of transactions that cannot be altered, deleted, or destroyed”. With this, applications built on the blockchain network are guaranteed transparency in the systems’ functionality, ease of accessibility of the platforms, and accountability of users’ records – thereby being the ideal ecosystem to house play-to-earn platforms. Why you may ask?

Because play-to-earn games are simply games that offer rewards to players for meeting a set target. In most cases, such rewards are real money or digital assets that have a monetary value. P2E games are usually self-tasking and competitive for users and as a result, rewards are not guaranteed but contested. Thus, a level of transparency is needed to account for the task performance of each user. These undeniable aspects of the play-to-earn system reveal its compatibility with the blockchain ecosystem.

Again, depending on the gaming type, play-to-earn could be an intellectual/skill enhancement strategy for the users. This is the case with gamification, especially when used to empower education as in the case of payMe Gaming Platform. The transition of payMe with its P2E functionality to the blockchain ecosystem is intended to bring inclusiveness, democratization, and transparency to the gaming platform. Users would be able to see every beneficiary of the contests with their results to be convinced that the results were decided on merit. This will challenge them toward personal development commitment that will help them become competitive in the academic field.

Another negatively talked about attribute of P2E gaming is the common method of financing the rewarding system through pay-to-play functionality. The fact remains that no knowledge is free and providing such service is also cost demanding. Since valuable knowledge is often expensive to get, paying to learn new things or to develop oneself to be competitive shouldn’t be free either. Besides, no one is compelled to engage, it is a democratized process that allows each user to enter by choice. The goal may not be to win the prize but, to develop oneself intellectually which is the core objective of the project. payMe thus offers users the right to choose, socialize and mingle with netizens across the borders of one’s country, learn new things as well as test their knowledge for intellectual development, and earn passive income for sustenance.

payMe surely offers so many benefits with its P2E structural compatibility with the blockchain ecosystem. So, next time you come across, a blogger writing otherwise, kindly go to his comment section to school him on the compatibility of P2E with Blockchain.