Blog: Watch Out 4 The Bull’s Run...

Watch Out 4 The Bull’s Run...
  • 18 Sep, 2022
  • by Levi C. Nwaokenneyah

Watch Out 4 The Bull’s Run...

The US Fed Reserve’s continuous interest rate hike could be a blessing in disguise for the cryptocurrency market. Why?

The country is in debt of 100s of trillions. Experts suggest that US REAL INFLATION is estimated at 16% against the projected 7%.  So, what likely impact will this have on the U.S. economy?

"Interest rate hikes create volatility in the stock market. The value of future earnings will likely dip when higher interest rates are expected, according to U.S. Bank, making investors less eager to bid up stock prices."

"Higher interest rates are meant to slow the economy, which can stunt revenues for companies, potentially damaging their growth and stock prices, according to Forbes." (Paul Davidson, Medora Lee)

How will the situation affect the crypto market?

Investors will likely steer clear of stocks. Then what next?

Since gold is currently expensive, many investors would likely embrace the cryptocurrency market, especially with the Fed’s report on crypto looking promising. The likely currency to welcome investors would be Bitcoin and the demand will be GREAT!

Imagine the likely impact! Are you still waiting to be caught up midway through the run or buying now?

As the days unfold, you will see that Investing now is the best call to make. In case you are waiting for a further crash, wait no more, because the bear has occupied the throne more than agreed, and has no choice but to withdraw from waging the raging bull to have its glory days.

Like our people will say: ‘na turn by turn’. So, watch out for a resounding bellow! It will linger, stretch, and thunder like the roar of a lion!

Be ready...