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About Us

PayMe is focused on providing three solutions mandate for content management systems (CMS), that includes:

(1.) Upgrade CMS applications to easily assessible virtual universe,

(2.) Optimize CMSs to incentivizing applications for content creators,

(3.) Interoperate CMS platforms with a more democratic payment system.

PayMe’s revolutionary intervention on traditional CMS platforms guarantees users the tools and resources to create, manage, and publish top-quality content that engages the audience and helps build brands. With PayMe solutions, users can now take full control of their shared content online and earn from it seamlessly.

PayMe’s Mission

PayMe’s mission is to optimize traditional CMS platforms into a censorship-resistant, open-source application that guarantees unrestrictive rights to freedom of association, expression, and earnings to Global Netizens.

PayMe intends to actualize the above mission by first, recreating its ecosystem platforms into tokenized incentivizing CMS applications leveraging blockchain networks.

The Ecosystem

The PayMe Platforms Ecosystem cuts across our web-based CMS platforms through the blockchain network, while the CMS platforms include:

  1. WitFora – An enfranchising social media network. (https://witfora.com)
  2. WitChirp – An engaging micro-blogging site. (https://witchirp.com)
  3. WitChat – An engrossing message-chatting app. (https://witchat.live)
  4. WitDemy – An empowering eLearning Platform. (https://witdemy.com)
  5. PayMe Network Token (PNET) – the ecosystem interoperable decentralized finance instrument.(https://pnetcoin.io)

Members of the PayMe Community can now democratically explore the ecosystem platforms and carry out their businesses seamlessly with the help of the ecosystem liquidity instrument – PNET.

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